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5 Important SEO Areas to Focus On For Web Designers
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A lot of web designers who freelance have no time to work on marketing tasks such as SEO. What they do is create and build everything to later incorporate SEO, but by that time, things have already become quite difficult. This is the reason why, you need to learn just the basic steps for taking SEO work in parallel to your site’s optimization, so that when you get time later on, you can do a deeper optimization in future.


Incorporating SEO from the Start


The best thing you need to do is to create your site’s outline listing the top level navigation and then listing the content for all the areas. Create a clear structure which would be easy for the people to navigate.


Using Long tail Keywords


When creating the topics and pages of your site, you need to think about writing the content around the business terms. For example, cat parks is a term relevant to the readers if you are running a cat blog. You can also use location for making it even better such as cat parks Atlanta. The longer the keywords are the better are your chances of getting ranked.


Focus on Sitemaps


Sitemaps are really important for your site, as they tell the search engines to navigate through your site, just the way you use street signs for navigating on the roads. The sitemaps have a strong impact on the search engines. With the help of the search engines, you can get a complete picture of your site in milliseconds without having to do any guessing, leading to more targeted traffic for your website.


Use Keywords in your URLs, Descriptions and Page Titles


The site URLs and Meta tags must use the keywords you are using for the promotion of your site. These are three ways for telling search engines what the site is about and who it is important for. The long tail keywords offer a clear signal about the page you are presenting.


Using Google Search Console


Previously known as the Google’s Webmaster tool, is now called Search Console. It’s the easiest way of monitoring your site’s backlinks, and also for telling Google what your site is about. With just a block of code, you can integrate it into your site and gain Google’s trust.


If you are a complete beginner and want to know why SEO is important, you can check the slides below or consult with Medialinkers Web Design Company in Atlanta.