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5 Ways to Boost Traffic through Social Media
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A lot of businesses today consider promoting their blog or web services via ads. Even though the different social media channels have also explicitly shared that without ads, the outreach stays limited; the advertisement methods unfortunately don’t work a lot of companies despite the placement of best efforts. You might have come across blog posts titled as “Are Twitter or Facebook Ads real or a waste of time or money” on your social media pages.


Social media sponsored content works, but for that you have to be extremely patient and run different A/B tests. This is the reason why small companies with limited resources are unable to get a big ROI from a paid campaign.


So, considering these aspects of sponsored advertising isn’t it better if you stick to the conventional and organic post outreach. Cross promotion is one great method through which you can easily get around the outreach issue via social media. This blog covers the main tips to assist you in cross posting your content successfully. You can also get a digital marketing company such as Medialinkers to handle the social media marketing work for you.

  1. Add Social Channels to Your FB Page

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Most apps provide an option to customize the thumbnail of the tab so that it matches your business branding. The following are some third-party tools for adding tabs of other social networks:

Facebook allows integration of different social channels such as Pinterest, LinkedIn for the promotion of posts through social apps.  You can also customize the thumbnail to match business branding. Some good social apps that you can use are:

The social tabs will start appearing under the cover picture of your profile.  The visitors can click on the “More” dropdown arrow to navigate to the desired social channel.

  1. Use Brands for Cross Promotion

Search a brand that isn’t a direct competition to you.  Give them a free cross promotion. This will go a long way in building the audience for you.

For selecting a brand, consider the following tips:

  • Active Influencers
  • Has a Local Business Similar to Yours
  • Business indirectly relevant to your exact niche (Won’t be your direct competitors)


  1. Target Nonprofit organizations

You can write some posts and promote them through the nonprofit organization channels. These organizations have all types of audience and can work wonders in enhancing your post outreach.

  1. Email & Social Media Go Hand in Hand

Combine email and social media together. Email is still a popular communication channel for businesses. In fact email and social media have the same goals, to engage with the right audience. The best way is to add the social channels in your weekly newsletters and inform your subscribers about the new events and posts on your Facebook Page.

  1. Add a Social Plugin to Blog/Website

While people who regularly visit your website/blog will be following you on social media, there will be new visitors coming via search engines now and then. You can easily promote your social media posts to these new visitors.


The same can be done on social media for your website’s or blog’s content (you’re probably doing that already). Visitors who follow you on social media without coming across your website/blog will know what you post on your native digital properties.


People visit a blog regularly for the new information. Also, blog attracts a lot of readers through search engines over time. You can add these visitors to your social channels too by integration of social buttons on your website/blog. For more details, you can also read Search Engine Journal tips for promoting a blog on social media.