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9 Essential Plugins for Optimizing the Performance of Any WordPress Site
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Introduced only as a blogging platform, WordPress has turned into a  powerful CMS platform giving web developers the option to build all types of websites. The platform is equipped with multiple extensions, plugins and themes to extends the functionality without requiring a major effort at the coding end.


Being an open source platform, it has a vast community which works on improving its performance,  making it a competitive tool in the market. Just like there are a number of themes available well-suited to the appearance of any WordPress site, there are various WordPress plugins which can be used to enhance a site.


You can either install the already built WP plugins or hire professional services of Medialinkers web development to develop and customize the plugin for your website needs. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular plugins that are essential to 100% optimization and functionality of every WordPress site:


WordPress SEO by Yoast


Ask anyone and they would tell you the benefits of WordPress from SEO perspective. WordPress by default supports SEO, but needs some tweaking with respect to the important on-page SEO tags including Title, Description, Robots and the Keywords tags. Fortunately for the likes of developers or webmasters, there is a simple solution available in the form of WordPress SEO by Yoast.


WordPress SEO by Yoast is a SEO plugin that has everything in a single module. It provides a complete set of tools and helps in checking the MetaData entry in the same format displayed by Google through its snippet on the search results.


It also provides verification of Google Authorship for a WordPress website. It creates XML sitemap capable of notifying search engines and supporting images automatically for content updates on web pages. It also helps in the integration of social media to check title, description and image optimization for Facebook and other social media platforms.




Jetpack helps to supercharge a site with multiple functionality in a single package. It is a combination of different plugins such as Site traffic insights, Optimization, Social sharing, CDN services, Contact form, Centralized management, Email subscription form and user engagement.


W3 Total Cache


Enabling cache feature in a site helps to increase its speed. W3 total cache is a potential WordPress Performance Optimization framework designed to enhance UX pagespeed guidelines. It helps in increasing the server performance through CDN integration to decrease the estimated page download time. It requires a learning curve for the newbies but when done properly implements significant differences in a site’s performance. Another popular plugin used for caching goes by the name of WP Super Cache.


WP Forms


Contact forms are critical to the functionality of any modern website. Every site has a contact page where a contact form has to be put. Some other form requirements of a website include:

  • Contact form
  • Order forms
  • Payment forms
  • Email Subscription forms

WP forms plugin provides a drag-and-drop interface to build a form through a few clicks instead of working at the coding end. The professional version provides advanced functionality and features to achieve the aims of online marketing.


Google Analytics



Google Analytics plugin helps you in implementing the GA tool to track traffic details with a few clicks instead of working on the coding end of a website.  It also provides an option to trace and not trace specific user roles, support for the eCommerce, universal and classic codes. It also gives an option to work on eCommerce funnel setup and tags with an additional code tracking.


Clicks by Yoast is a popular alternative but GA is a popular and advanced option.


WP- Optimize


WP-Optimize is a plugin used for optimizing WordPress sites and database in particular. It helps to clean the unwanted elements such as stale comments, auto drafts, unapproved and spam comments along with other unnecessary things in a database. In short it helps to enhance the performance of a WP site.




Security is often tagged as an issue with WordPress platform. Wordfence is a popular security plugin which can help in this regard. It is powered by an updated Threat Defense Feed, and the WordFence Firewall stops an individual from being hacked.  Wordfence Scan sends a notification in event of a security breach. The Live Traffic view shares real-time visibility into the traffic and security attempts on a site.



MailChimp is a successful email marketing solution offering multiple ways to designing a site by sending email newsletters. The plugin is used by 7 million people around the world. It also sends, track emails, view analytics, manage subscribers, create nice email templates and set up autoresponders.

MailChimp lets you create email campaigns to handle sending of emails each time your blog is updated. It also helps in creating customizable sign-up forms and checkboxes with the different forms on a site. The Mailchimp wordpress plugin makes managing the email marketing campaigns a simple experience. The installation is simple and provides an API key for connecting the MailChimp account with a plugin.



Askimet is a great plugin to filter and moderate spam comments that are unfortunately still practiced by some SEO professionals. Comments, if not filtered properly are used by hackers to enter into a database and site’s code through an indirect way.