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  • wordpress

    9 Essential Plugins for Optimizing the Performance of Any WordPress Site

    Introduced only as a blogging platform, WordPress has turned into a  powerful CMS platform giving web developers the option to build all types of websites. The platform is equipped with multiple extensions, plugins and themes to extends the functionality without requiring a major effort at the coding end.   Being an open source platform

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  • Content Marketing

    3 Tips to Taking Content Marketing to Next Level

    If you have spent sometime  in marketing you would know that the user-generated content is useful but at the same time also pose a lot of risk as a marketing strategy.  However, when done right, it also pays more than other types of content marketing strategies.   A social media and tech-savvy audience appreciates to be a part of regul

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  • SEO Basics

    Understanding SEO Basics in Simple Terms

    Search engine optimization is a complicated process to understand for newbie internet marketers. However, this article covers the basic terms in layman language to help you clear your concepts. SEO is crucial to marketing your business online and increasing its traffic in the long run.   Given below are three significant aspects of SEO,

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  • UX design

    Implementing Simplicity in a UX Design

    Designers are always looking for ways to incorporate simplicity as far as user experience design is concerned.  According to Robert Hoekman Jr, simplicity is overated when talking about the UX design. The semantic variation is also quite confusing at the same time. Simplicity means a clean design, complexity of experience and obviously the program

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  • Google Introduces Ads in Local Listings

    Google Introduces Ads in Local Listings

    Local search results have been changed by Google again and this time Google Maps will have an effect on brick and mortar service providers. Brian Barwig  is a local SEO specialist who noticed ads appearing in the local finder results, reached after clicking “More places” from a local three-pack in

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  • SEO Tips

    3 Ever Green SEO Tips for Any Site

    Wondering what makes search engine optimization so important? Check out important statistics such as:

    1. Email and Search engines are the two most important user activities.
    2. 75% of people do not go beyond the first page when searching
    3. Search engines generate traffic to content sites
    When looking to build

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  • android games

    Play Android Mobile Games in Google Search Ads

    The android games will appear in Google search ads for android users soon, as announced by Google in 2016 Game Developers Conference. The users can try out the games for 10 minutes before finalizing if they want to download or not. With this move, Google want

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  • google update

    Google AMP Will Go Live on February 24th, 2016

    Google is back again with another update and this time it is all about the AMP search results. News has it that the AMP search results will go live mid-next week, on February 24th.  AMP abbreviated for Accelerated Mobile Pages will allow web pages to load with a lightening quick speed on mobile devices.   Appearing for the fi

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  • Google image

    Is Apple Launching its Google Street View Version?

    Rumors have it that Apple is working on its own version of the Google street view Map. A lot of experts started making these speculations last year in February, when a lot of vans were photographed driving around the New York and San Francisco Bay area.   Google Street View maps have improved a great deal to outrank the Nokia and Bing Ma

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  • Rank Boosting SEO Tips by Medialinkers

    SEO Tips to Optimize Under Performing Pages for Relevant Traffic

    Everyone says SEO is about content, and most definitely it is, but you need to understand that Google only pays attention to content that is created for the users. If your content answers queries written by different users, then most definitely it will be picked up by Google. If not, well it won’t give you any reward. Given below is a process com

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