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  • 6 Hot Trends of Graphic and Web Design For 2016

    6 Hot Trends of Graphic and Web Design For 2016

    Trends in the design industry are always changing. They either improve or fade out similar to the clothing styles, hairstyles and other trending industries. Everything eventually evolves. Many of the design trends of 2016 were introduced in 2015, while many others returned with an improved version. You need to master these trends if you are working

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  • Graphic design service

    10 Activities to Enhance Creativity for Graphic Designers

    Some people are blessed with good idea while others aren’t. It is just the matter of your brain activity. You can increase your creative skills to design quality websites and other stuff by practising a few easy to implement activities. Medialinkers graphic designRead More

  • Logo Design

    5 Important Logo Design Trends for 2016

    We often discuss web design predictions for every year. As much as a website design is an important aspect of any business, logo is another crucial part. Though a logo is a small part of any business, it can take your brand to the next level. Some of the logo design trends suggested by the Read More

  • how to refresh a website

    Figuring out the right time for Website Revamping

    Business branding including a site is crucial to the success of a business. But how often do you need to change it? When was the last time you ordered the new business cards? How long have you had the same website layout? Just like a new haircut and clothes, refreshing a brand is important to every business. By revamping your brand, you are just

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  • WordPress 4.6 Doesn’t Feature REST API

    WordPress 4.6 Doesn’t Feature REST API

    WordPress 4.6 Doesn’t Feature REST API REST API 2.0 announced this morning features content disposition header parsing in addition to making use of compact links for embedded replies. It is available for a download here on Github. Full changes made to the API can be checked

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  • WordPress vs. Google Blogger: Which Platform to Choose?

    WordPress vs. Google Blogger: Which Platform to Choose?

    Finding a right CMS is a tough process. You may have heard about WP, if you have interest in blogging. You may also have heard about Google Blogger, another popular blogging choice.  If you are a newbie blogger, choosing the right platform will help you in saving a lot of time and work. It is crucial to finding the pros and cons of every option to

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  • responsive web design

    Questions to Clarify the Need of a Mobile App or a Responsive Site

    Mobile is the trending future technology. With mobile searches continuously increasing and surpassing the desktop searches, it is clear that all the sites must go responsive. However, there is an interesting debate between the responsive layouts and the in-app content via native apps. Check out how you need to present your site on smart gadgets for

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  • 4 Commonly Used Web Design and Development Jargons Explained

    4 Commonly Used Web Design and Development Jargons Explained

    There are certain terms used in the web design and development niche on a daily basis. But not everyone understands those terms. To make the web design and development jargons simple and easy to understand for your liking, given below are some of the most commonly used terms briefly explained in easy words for the understanding of laymen, by Read More

  • improve your web design

    7 Accessibility Tips to Enhance a Site UX

    User Experience is an important part of web design niche. From accessibility best practices, simple interfaces, alternative user pathways to user preferences are all important parts of a good user experience.  Given below are some tips to ensure a smooth user experience for your audience.

    1. Implementation of Fundamentals

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  • Wordpress image by medialinkers

    WP Empowering 25% of Websites World Over

    4 in one website are powered by WordPress. This means that 25% of the web today uses WP. This latest information has come online from the W3Techs, which measures the usage and market share. Today, WP is actively used by 58.7% of the websites, whose content management systems we know about.  This makes it 25.0% of all the available websites. Even t

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