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Logo Design
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We often discuss web design predictions for every year. As much as a website design is an important aspect of any business, logo is another crucial part. Though a logo is a small part of any business, it can take your brand to the next level. Some of the logo design trends suggested by the Medialinkers web design team are shared below:

  • The Monoline

Monoline design is actually a line art which forms a logo. Monoline logos are the logos crafted from a single line which does not change in weight. It can also be built with a single strand of wire. The monoline gives a bare bone look to the popular web iconography. Single monoline is a monotone giving your design an artisanal and crispy look without a clutter. The monoline nature lends itself to help build design work beautifully to make your brand pop remain legible. Of course, the monoline isn’t for everyone, some niches can work this look in better than some. The monoline is not for every person, but works really well in some niche. It is mostly suitable for food and beverage, salon and small boutiques. But it is versatile to work for other markets.

  • Wordmarks

Creating a wordmark logo is not a new concept. Popular examples include CNN, Coca-Cola, Disney and McDonalds. Wordmark logos are typographical in design working as a visual symbol for a brand. They are also minimalist by nature as far as type, color, shape and other design elements are concerned. Wordmarks are designed to deliver visual identity. When compared to the traditional graphical logos, it helps in increasing the brand recall to keep the design content within the text. This reduces the chances of clutter. Wordmark is used for a lot of niches but requires careful planning and creativity. The great thing about wordmarks is that they are timeless.

  • Negative Space: Don’t be Afraid to be Negative

Negative space is commonly used in the web design industry. The trend has made its way into logos as well. Negative space also helps in establishing balance to set harmony between used elements especially useful in logo made of multiple type and shapes. Negative space also adds to a design even when you are paying less.

  • Duotones

Duotone is a popular trend for logos this year. A lot of companies have started doing it.

  • Handmade Look

This year focuses on authentic and unique designs for a better user experience. The handmade look will become a common logo trend in 2016. As the name says it, the logos appear like sketched with designers incorporating a dynamic and playful look without any reason. The handmade design seems personable to make everything looks good.