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Content Marketing
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If you have spent sometime  in marketing you would know that the user-generated content is useful but at the same time also pose a lot of risk as a marketing strategy.  However, when done right, it also pays more than other types of content marketing strategies.


A social media and tech-savvy audience appreciates to be a part of regular conversations. The user rant, organic user reviews and conversation are the base of successful campaigns. Medialinkers SEO suggests following content marketing tips for your brand:


Giving Customers a Voice

It is tempting to maintain absolute control over a content piece mentioning your brand. But the users are intelligent and know the main difference between a junk SEO article and meaningful content. Consumers are also interested in checking out the opinions of other consumers instead of reading plain promotional pieces. Consumers want to be included as part of a conversation instead of what they want to think.


All the expert marketers including the CEO of Crowd Reviews.com suggest user-generated content as a great way to let consumers in your marketing strategy.


Be Creative

There are a few myths regarding content marketing. First being it a numbers-driven strategy with success measured in keywords, backlinks and quantity of placements without considering its quality. The second is that you have to push content in a single direction from marketer to consumers only for maintaining control.


Depending on machinic SEO methods such as article spinning and placing fake reviews may elevate the listings temporarily but despite the increase, make your brand suffer in the long run. This also not results in any significant increase in the actual revenue. A good content strategy needs to include user opinions instead of just useful content.


Check the Emotional Connection

Customers need to find a meaningful connection regarding your brand. The young tech-savvy platforms help users to respond positively than they do when provided with a direct advertising method such as TV commercials.


Needless to say that content marketing is a great way to market your business, however, it needs to implement the above mentioned tips to offer further benefits to your brand.

SEO Basics
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Search engine optimization is a complicated process to understand for newbie internet marketers. However, this article covers the basic terms in layman language to help you clear your concepts. SEO is crucial to marketing your business online and increasing its traffic in the long run.


Given below are three significant aspects of SEO, shared by Medialinkers SEO team.




Backlinks are simply urls pointing to your site from other relevant and authoritative sites to boost its credibility in the search engines. High quality backlinks are considered as votes of confidence among search engines and is really one of the most crucial aspects of making an entire SEO campaign successful.


Conversion Optimization


Any Search engine optimizer can drive multiple traffic to a site, however if that traffic is irrelevant or not converting than it would not do much good to your business. The goal of a site is to make users take some action such as vote on a picture, purchase a widget and fill a form. This is similar to having a billboard showing your products and services, as people can drive past it all day. But having all that traffic won’t matter if the users are not paying attention and converting to sales.


Schema Markup


Similar to writing high school and college essays that require different formats such as MLA and quotation practices among others, a coding a site too needs to follow valid steps. This is called Schema markup. A well written schema markup helps the search engines to read a website and alternatively push its rankings for more traffic and users.


SEO is similar to conventional marketing these days instead of tricking the search engines as was done in the past. Just like television advertisements and print advertisements are all about grabbing user attention by putting the best design and ad copy, it also depends on these two offers a great user experience. Remember that SEO today is all about pleasing the users. If you please your users, search engines will automatically give credit to your site to push it upwards in the rankings.

SEO Tips
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Wondering what makes search engine optimization so important? Check out important statistics such as:

  1. Email and Search engines are the two most important user activities.
  2. 75% of people do not go beyond the first page when searching
  3. Search engines generate traffic to content sites

When looking to build your SEO business, you have to consider the above-mentioned statistics. When developing an online presence, you have to embrace SEO. By planning an effective search engine strategy, it becomes easy for your clients to find a company online. No doubt, search engines are the perfect way for generating traffic to a site, but how do you get around it?

To some people search engine optimization seem like a difficult process; however it is not as complicated as it sounds. But it is still a challenge at the same time. You also need to ensure using the right methods for increasing the search rankings.

A few tips to consider as suggested by Medialinkers SEO agency are as follow:

SEO requires time to give results. Implementing the tips mentioned below will not increase the website traffic instantly but over time, you will start seeing effective results such as rise in rankings and more people visiting your site.

  1. Writing Quality Blogs

Writing quality blogs help in higher rankings in the search engines. This is number one method of improving the search engine optimization of any site. Make sure whatever you post on a blog is relevant and informative to your readers. Instead of only posting about your company, try to share informative blogs as much as possible to build client’s trust.

You also need to promote your content through social media to gain as many readers as you can. This will help in gaining high search engine rankings, as content creation and promotion do not work without each other as far as improvements in SEO are concerned.

  1. Quality Links

Another way to improve SEO is through earning site links. A site becomes trustworthy in users’ point of view with more links pointed towards it. These links work a long way in pushing it to higher rankings. However, just focus on generating quality links as low quality and spam links only hurt the search engine rankings.

  1. Analysis through Right Tools

Creating an effective SEO strategy is quite challenging, however with the help of some tools, it becomes somewhat easy. Important tools to consider for site analysis include names such as Moz Open Site Explorer, Link Detox and Google Webmaster Tools.

There are some other tools which can be used to improving the SEO of your site, but the main issue is about figuring out the ones beneficial for your business.

Bottom Line

SEO is important to the success of any business, whether a digital agency or a brick or mortar. Follow the tips mentioned in this article to increase your web traffic over time. Over time, you will see the benefits of using SEO for your business.

5 Local SEO Points to Focus on in 2016
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When running a company depends on the local customers, SEO becomes an essential part of your business. The local SEO is a subset of the full Search Engine Optimization which helps people in finding the area on the search engines. To be honest, whenever its written Search Engines, the point is towards “Google.”

Getting the local Plan of SEO dialed is extremely important as the B2C and B2B consumers are dependent on it for getting the information they require for making the buying decisions. Google isn’t a tech giant; it’s a key component of the digital economy. Very less purchasing decisions are made these days without any level of “Googling.”


What you need to focus for the Local SEO in 2016


Go Responsive or Go Home


The mobile-friendly web designs are not optional anymore. The mobile device searches have surpassed the laptop and desktop computer searches worldwide. The site mobile friendliness has become a ranking factor for Google. It provides people a really good mobile experience on a site, meaning that it helps in making more conversions and revenue. This is as simple as that. This means that now, with responsive and mobilegeddeon, it’s high time; you make your site a mobile site. The mobile only deals and the special promotions would keep the people coming back to the tricked out responsive web designs. What you need to do is create the best possible mobile experience for your customers in 2016.


Calling the Voice Search


With the growth of the mobile searches, there comes a greater demand for voice searches. People are always using this feature on their smartphones for locating the products, businesses and the services they require. There are some people who use the voice search to get help in the multi-tasking. There are a lot of others who find it easier and faster for speaking into their phones instead of typing a query. No matter which way you choose to do it, there is a trend towards the voice search which helps the businesses to optimize their site for hooking the consumers. This also means that you need to shift your keywords for the voice search friendly phrases. Follow up questions become really important in the voice search, as only a limited amount of information is delivered in every response.


Data Matters for Local SEO


The direct data in the SERPs mean that the companies have to provide detailed information about them for getting a top slot with the search engines. The Direct data are the granular information piece appearing with the business listings in the search engine data. For instance, when searching for the restaurant near you, you need to offer every result with location, pricing, phone number, whether the takeout is available or not. The availability of the extra data helps not only in improving the visibility fo the single location but also for the franchise SEO.


Optimizing for Local SEO Means Good User Experience


At the end of the day, a potential customer’s decision for buying a certain product comes down to the entire user experience from a click to a close. Even though you can’t control the sales person’s words and actions all day long, you get in a complete control of the customer experience offered by your website.  From what we can see, in the next few years, the overwhelming majority of businesses would compete solely on the customer experience and by the year 2020, 85% of the customer-company relationships would be managed without the human interaction.

What this means is that you need to have a concise online marketing, better and consistent for your competition’s to capitalize on this trend.


For Improving the Local SEO


In the coming years, the local SEO would focus more on the mobile marketing. The younger customers are always shopping online through the web. However, this doesn’t mean that the old customers aren’t doing the same thing. Google has made it widely known that the customers visit a store the same day they Google for the local search. The study was conducted 2 years ago, and this percentage has increased by now.


Google is really serious about helping the companies for getting on the Google Mobile Friendly bandwagon that they have also provided a tool to help the webmasters in preparing for their mobile customers.


After, you have identified the weak points of a website; you require technical help to get in the right order. After this, you would have to work on the local SEO campaign. There are business owners who would like to roll up their sleeves and dig into SEO, while many others would simply avoid it, thinking of it as a nightmare.  Whether you do it yourself or hire an agency such as Medialinkers SEO, there is one thing for sure; you can’t ignore the impact of Google and the way its building up the local lead generation.

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Google has announced that it would roll out an algorithmic search change series, which would target the presence of hacked spam in the search results. What this means is that Google is turning up the dial in the algorithms for removing the hacked sites from its search results.


We are aggressively targeting hacked spam in order to protect users and webmasters.


The hacked spam is targeted for the protection of webmasters and users. Furthermore, the changes would only impact the 5% of the queries, depending on the languages. As the new algorithms are rolled out, the user would notice it for different queries as only the most relevant results are provided, also limiting the results number.


This is also due to the abundance of hacked spam being removed. This also has to be improved in the near future. According to Google, they are tuning their systems for weeding out the bad content while retaining the legitimate and organic results.


The hacked sites were a problem on the website, making them a problem for Google. Google also announced in 2013, that the hacked sites were the 2nd most common cause of the manual actions. Google has also launched a help center for the hacked sites which are online today.


It has also encouraged the webmasters, the SEOs, and the site owners with the feedback and questions for speaking up in the Webmaster Help Forums.  For the SEO campaigns, you can consult with the web marketing team of Medialinkers.