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how to refresh a website
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Business branding including a site is crucial to the success of a business. But how often do you need to change it? When was the last time you ordered the new business cards? How long have you had the same website layout? Just like a new haircut and clothes, refreshing a brand is important to every business.

By revamping your brand, you are just refreshing a few details on the outside instead of a changing anything inside the core. Similar to clothing trends, design and branding trends also keep changing.  Luckily for you Medialinkers web designers have compiled a few tips and steps to help you figure out the right time for revamping your entire branding including websites.

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4 Commonly Used Web Design and Development Jargons Explained
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There are certain terms used in the web design and development niche on a daily basis. But not everyone understands those terms. To make the web design and development jargons simple and easy to understand for your liking, given below are some of the most commonly used terms briefly explained in easy words for the understanding of laymen, by Medialinkers web design agency in Atlanta.

  1. What is Responsive Web Design?

As web designers or project managers, we are so much caught in the technical details that we do not explain what a responsive web design is to non-technical clients and what makes it so crucial for sites today. Well, a website design which is responsive in nature is a design which responds to different device screens to provide an easy readability and navigation to users. It it’s the same site that is rendered on desktop and mobile devices instead of separate versions.

  1. What is a Hamburger Icon?

Another important concept that we mostly hear is the responsive navigation or the hamburger icon. The hamburger icon is the icon that presents menu and navigation when a site renders on small devices such as tablets and mobiles. It is called a hamburger icon because someone at some point said that the three horizontal lines resembled a hamburger thus giving it a popular name hamburger icon.

  1. What is a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Site speed is crucial to the optimal performance of a site; we often recommend use of a content delivery network to customers especially for the heavy image based and eCommerce sites. But, what really is a Content Delivery Network?

A CDN is a network that duplicates site’s content on multiple servers based at particular locations across internet.  The basic purpose of using a CDN is to minimize the time it consumes for web pages to load or for the sites to download digital content. The network works on the principle of physical data distance to travel over a network compared to the few number of intermediate servers and nodes between the end user and data source.

By hosting content on local servers, the information is presented to the user through a few steps to offer reliable and quickly loading web pages. A CDN is also ensures continuity of services, through backup servers when a neighborhood server goes down.

  1. What are Cookies?

With changing guidance and laws on data protection, many sites offer a message the first time you visit a new site informing the site’s use of cookies, asking to accept or perhaps close the message. But what are cookies in reality?

Cookies are small text files which are placed on user computer by the web server. There are unique web browsers which contain anonymous information such as unique identifiers.  The web servers are able to retrieve information presented in cookies.  The cookie files allow a site to store information about preference, so that the website content can be tailored to you. When creating a site, we can include a cookie banner to advise our clients on the contents of a website cookie policy. For more details and consultation, get in touch with the Kennesaw web design services.

Medialinkers Panda recovery tips
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Thousands of penalties are charged by Google every month and just as you have imagined, these penalties have a large impact on your site.  However, regardless of how nasty these penalties are, you can still recover from your site if you choose a thorough penalty recovery method.

The first couple of hours post is very critical. Even though a penalty is scary, you don’t have to do something rash for jeopardizing the entire process, so rather than rushing into a recovery mode, you require a solid foundation instead of jumping to a hasty action.

What do you need to do?


Don’t Go into a Panic Mode


It sounds surprising, I know, but you need facts to act on.


You Have Time


You have plenty of time for the recovery and must under no circumstances rush at all. If you act too soon, then the manual penalty which your site has received may as would take longer than necessary.


Not All the Time


The term “manual penalties” is handled by real people, instead of Google bots. This means there are special people who are reviewing your work to assign a penalty to you accordingly. They have got a complete record when the penalty was put in place and what its status is. However, if you respond in a rush to the penalties, then you would probably receive an automatic response “denied”, as its very unlikely that you complete the entire checklist for lifting the penalty in a short time.


So instead of assuming the link analysis work, disavow file creation, removal requests, Google would only think the opposite, which you are trying to get out of penalty without going through any hard work.


Also, your site is in the red list of the penalized sites which Google starts monitoring closely. The manual penalty takes a lot of recovery time, for a site, from a few weeks to a few months. This means that if you try to get a reconsideration request within a day or two, you would do more harm than good. This is why; act wisely by spending time without getting into a panic mode.


Lifting the Penalty


Lifting your site and work out of a penalty is possible. You just have to play your cards right. It can also work for you even if you are not an SEO genius. With the help of some time and some SEO knowledge, you can get the work done without hiring any expensive agency. Penalties are part of SEO’s life. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world for that particular site. They can easily be lifted.


Penalties Can Expire


In case, you don’t do anything, your penalty might expire. This is because there are no hard and fast rules on the issue. However, this is not a recommended solution. You have the possibility that penalty would vanish after some time, but it doesn’t mean that site there and do nothing.


Find Out Exactly Why You Received the Penalty?


Google penalizes sites for some reason. In case, you get to the root cause of the penalty, you can step closer to getting it repealed. In case, you ignore this step, you would sabotage the efforts.


This means that as a goal, you need to find out what Google says about your manual penalty. Also, as the manual penalties are inflicted by actual people, you have to find out why you received it and what message you have received regarding it from the Google spam team.


Luckily for you, Google has 11 types of Manual Action Penalties:


  1. Unnatural Linking to Your Site
  2. User-generated spam
  3. Spammy structured markup
  4. Hacked Site
  5. Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects
  6. Thin content with little or no added value
  7. Pure spam
  8. Spammy free hosts
  9. Unnatural links to your site
  10. Unnatural links from your site
  11. Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing

The most common penalties include unnatural links to your site, thin content with little to no value and unnatural link to your site.


What do these penalties mean for you?


Unnatural Links to Your Site


This penalty means a partial penalty. Just your site’s portion is under a penalty. Even though, it is a manual penalty, you still need to do the hard work for getting the links removed.


Unnatural Site Links


This is the type of penalty which affects the website completely. Google assumes that you are engaged in a black hat SEO. This means that you are being charged with a full penalty that would diminish your rankings and your traffic. You can handle both the penalties, in the same way, through removal, analysis, and disavowal. However, the effort and time you pour into a particular penalty would vary based on the different severity levels.


Read Google’s Message Carefully


Google would send you a complete message notifying you why you got a certain penalty in its penalty report. This means that the short links are of no value to the ongoing link removal efforts. In the different client cases, the analysis by Google is accurate.


You need to look into Google’s message carefully and then make a strategy according to it for getting your site penalty free.


Downloading the Links


As link penalties are the most common type of penalties, the blog discusses those here. For lifting the link penalty, you need to analyze your backlinks. You have different reporting tools such as Majestic SEO, ahrefs, and Moz for getting an in-depth view of your linking profile. Every tool has its differences, but you can use each of these tools for a different purpose, or you can download the data from all these tools to sort out the duplicate links and then take an action from there.




After, you have the links in the file, you can go through them to analyze if those were spam, low quality or irrelevant links to your site. You can disavow the links, but first review everything in detail. Always remember that starting out in a right way is the right way for doing everything right. For more assistance and help, you can hire a professional agency such as Medialinkers. Read the Medialinkers Reviews to find what the clients are saying about it.

SEO Medialinkers
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There are a lot of people who make mistakes when it comes to link building, and you can be one of them. Even the experts sometimes, make mistakes, which means that you need to follow the 10 tips mentioned below for getting around those tips.


Don’t Follow Up on Everything

You don’t have to bother the companies all the time, but that doesn’t mean that you stop following them up. There are people who would respond to you on the second and third try if you send them follow-ups. You would be surprised to know that there are people who would respond to you on a 2nd or a 3rd follow-up.

A lot of big companies are always sending follow-ups to the webmasters for getting backlinks, and this works for them. And according to them, people reply on 4 to five follow-up emails that are sent to them.


Ignoring the Site’s Content

This is surely one of the things you need to do before getting a link from a site. Before getting a link, you need to check if the site’s metrics and the writing are okay. All the posts must look professional and not have any 404 errors. And also that it’s not penalized by Google.


Missing the Reading Advertising Info on the Page

There are a lot of sites which list the things that they would or wouldn’t do. In case they don’t deal with text links, you no longer have to ask for a text link from them. In case, they only offer you site wide links, and you need one through an article, you don’t have to bother them.


Not Listening to Webmasters

As a link builder, you know exactly what you need to do, but at times, webmasters know better. They always know about their readers and what would and wouldn’t be appreciated.  If they are telling you that you are way off base, and people reading your article about a certain topic wouldn’t want to a link in the article, then you need to listen to them. Listen to those who make sense to you and ignore those who don’t.


Using the Metrics Blindness

Always use relevant sites for building links. There is no doubt, that getting a site with a domain authority of 60 is awesome, however that still doesn’t mean that you need a link for it if it doesn’t fall under your business niche. You need to see the entire story instead of just the metrics.


Not Keeping Up with the FTC and Google Guidelines

Knowing and implementing those guidelines is different. However, what you choose to do, you still need to be aware of those guidelines, instead of ignoring and violating them. However, be careful when trying to sell a link as this would make you look bad and is seriously taken by Google.


Not Enough Outreach

Make sure you target the right individuals when it comes to sending the emails. This is because you can take your example and consider if the emails coming over to you are the appropriate ones or not. The reason why people don’t open their email and delete them is because those are sent to the wrong people in the first place.


Kicking the Bad Habits!

The bad habits can be broken easily, even though they are common. But don’t be too hard on the link building team, as everyone makes mistakes, but you can always monitor everything to make sure that no one is wasting time.


For more details on link building, you need to consult with the search engine optimization professionals of Medialinkers.

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A lot of web designers who freelance have no time to work on marketing tasks such as SEO. What they do is create and build everything to later incorporate SEO, but by that time, things have already become quite difficult. This is the reason why, you need to learn just the basic steps for taking SEO work in parallel to your site’s optimization, so that when you get time later on, you can do a deeper optimization in future.


Incorporating SEO from the Start


The best thing you need to do is to create your site’s outline listing the top level navigation and then listing the content for all the areas. Create a clear structure which would be easy for the people to navigate.


Using Long tail Keywords


When creating the topics and pages of your site, you need to think about writing the content around the business terms. For example, cat parks is a term relevant to the readers if you are running a cat blog. You can also use location for making it even better such as cat parks Atlanta. The longer the keywords are the better are your chances of getting ranked.


Focus on Sitemaps


Sitemaps are really important for your site, as they tell the search engines to navigate through your site, just the way you use street signs for navigating on the roads. The sitemaps have a strong impact on the search engines. With the help of the search engines, you can get a complete picture of your site in milliseconds without having to do any guessing, leading to more targeted traffic for your website.


Use Keywords in your URLs, Descriptions and Page Titles


The site URLs and Meta tags must use the keywords you are using for the promotion of your site. These are three ways for telling search engines what the site is about and who it is important for. The long tail keywords offer a clear signal about the page you are presenting.


Using Google Search Console


Previously known as the Google’s Webmaster tool, is now called Search Console. It’s the easiest way of monitoring your site’s backlinks, and also for telling Google what your site is about. With just a block of code, you can integrate it into your site and gain Google’s trust.


If you are a complete beginner and want to know why SEO is important, you can check the slides below or consult with Medialinkers Web Design Company in Atlanta.



Medialinkers An Atlanta SEO Services Company from MediaLinkers
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A lot of people in the SEO world think that link building is dead, but it’s really not. In fact, sound link building always helps a site pushing it higher in the search results. However, the process of link building is always changing which means that you need to continuously upgrade, yourself when it comes to link building, as the ways to build links have not only changed but have also become tougher.

This makes it important for everyone to continuously learn everything, as it continues to change as this would only make you a better SEO in the future.


Why Learning Matters?


Even though building a link doesn’t consume a lot of time, but obtaining high-quality links which are relevant becomes tedious as you would have to first create content which you can put on someone’s site, use social media for building new relationships and doing all the other activities which help in the building of links. A lot of people who have done link building would tell you the high burnout rate that comes to link building, and this makes it very tough to be on top of your game when building links. This is why; you need to continue to learn as many things as possible, so things become easy for you to manage and grow in the long run.


Work as a Team through Brainstorming


One of the best ways to work together as a team is through the way of brainstorming.  A lot of good questions and suggestions are put forward through brainstorming and this is how you can find new ways of handling the clients’ work, which you may not explore all by yourself. Brainstorming also helps with people who are introverts.


Work With Tools


There are a lot of Tools for managing the SEO campaigns, and every now and then, you can continue to learn and experiment with a new tool in your free time.


Learning Resources


There are a lot of materials available for everyone to learn the art of link building. Even if you are experienced and know all the ins and outs of the link building process, you can still freshen up your knowledge regarding it. As a starter, you can start with the following list:


  • Majestic: https://blog.majestic.com/
  • SEMrush: http://www.semrush.com/blog/
  • Moz: https://moz.com/blog
  • Kerboo: https://kerboo.com/blog/
  • Ahrefs: https://blog.ahrefs.com/
  • Raven: http://blog.raventools.com/
  • SpyFu: http://resources.spyfu.com/blog/
  • URL Profiler: http://urlprofiler.com/blog/


Read Informative Stuff While Working


When you come across an informative article regarding SEO or link building, you need to read it while working, instead of saving it for a read to be done later at home. Even as the owner of your business, you need to make sure that the time is given to your employees for learning as you have hired them to do the right work and right work in the field of SEO is done only when the knowledge is up to date regarding all the important aspects of SEO. Just spending a little bit of time in learning new stuff each day would pay off your projects and the entire team.


Always Welcome Questions


The best thing which you can do if you are the manager of your team is to welcome questions asked by your team members. Team members and starters always ask questions, in fact, everyone who is learning to ask questions while learning. So instead of ignoring those questions regardless of how small or silly they are, you need to make them feel welcome, so that the process of learning continues and so does your project work in the right direction. A hostile environment only makes the people do wrong work, as when they are afraid that they would be ridiculed when asking questions, they would back away. Also, when anyone asks a question, share it with the entire team, so that everyone gets to know about it and even in case they already know it, they would be reminded about it.


Learn when you are an employee


In case, you are an employee working alone in a company, you can keep up with the changes through social media, famous blogs. In fact, you can set up a routine to do one activity every day, like spending an hour and a half for reading the blog posts and checking social media, twitter for example, to keep an eye on the trending topics.


The important point here is to continue to learn, which means you have no room to become idle at your job. The more you learn and are active in your field, the better would be the results in your field and the higher would the chances of your career growth. Also, learning would break the monotonous routine of work, by adding some new piece of information to your mind each day.


In case, you want to outsource your SEO work, you can hire the professionals of Atlanta SEO Company Medialinkers to do the work for you.