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Content Marketing
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If you have spent sometime  in marketing you would know that the user-generated content is useful but at the same time also pose a lot of risk as a marketing strategy.  However, when done right, it also pays more than other types of content marketing strategies.


A social media and tech-savvy audience appreciates to be a part of regular conversations. The user rant, organic user reviews and conversation are the base of successful campaigns. Medialinkers SEO suggests following content marketing tips for your brand:


Giving Customers a Voice

It is tempting to maintain absolute control over a content piece mentioning your brand. But the users are intelligent and know the main difference between a junk SEO article and meaningful content. Consumers are also interested in checking out the opinions of other consumers instead of reading plain promotional pieces. Consumers want to be included as part of a conversation instead of what they want to think.


All the expert marketers including the CEO of Crowd Reviews.com suggest user-generated content as a great way to let consumers in your marketing strategy.


Be Creative

There are a few myths regarding content marketing. First being it a numbers-driven strategy with success measured in keywords, backlinks and quantity of placements without considering its quality. The second is that you have to push content in a single direction from marketer to consumers only for maintaining control.


Depending on machinic SEO methods such as article spinning and placing fake reviews may elevate the listings temporarily but despite the increase, make your brand suffer in the long run. This also not results in any significant increase in the actual revenue. A good content strategy needs to include user opinions instead of just useful content.


Check the Emotional Connection

Customers need to find a meaningful connection regarding your brand. The young tech-savvy platforms help users to respond positively than they do when provided with a direct advertising method such as TV commercials.


Needless to say that content marketing is a great way to market your business, however, it needs to implement the above mentioned tips to offer further benefits to your brand.

Keywords research by Medialinkers
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The Internet goes through a lot of changes over time; this means for a business to grow over the internet, it has to successfully track keywords that can bring in relevant leads instead of simple traffic. Even though you just do keyword research once, for countering the changing internet trends in 2016, you need to continuously maintain and review the keywords and your content.

Getting Started

Start targeting the keywords your customers want, however, you need to look into all the metrics such as phrases and words of different age groups, locations, and demographics. The way people talk and search are quite different, which is why you need to approach the entire keyword research process in a creative way.

Search information and use SEO tools to see if you are on the right path. When using Google Search Console, you will see a lot of data relevant to your domain in addition to search queries typed in by your target users for finding your site. You need to gain some insights into how the strategies are working and the keywords you want to target.

Target Relevant Keywords

Different tools are used to grab a picture of the right keywords. Multiple tools are available to assist in keyword list optimization. The most used keyword research tools are as follows:

  1. AuthorityLabs

The company offers a report that can be mixed with Google Analytics data, combining volume, rankings and competition to filter important keyword opportunities. A healthy competition analysis is also offered for the competitors you want to track.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Mainly a Part of Google Adwords tool, it helps in the identification of more than just money keywords to target potential customers, while they are in the buying process phase. You can also gain insights for the local keywords using this tool to further enhance your marketing campaign.

  1. SEMRush

SEMRush provides valuable keyword data for competitors and sites helping you to analyze the competitors’ keywords and an ad copy. You need to see keywords in both the multinational and multilingual environments to get the long-tail keywords.

  1. Spyfu

Spyfu is extremely helpful in researching the competition. Just enter your site URL and select the ‘Competitors’ tab to get a list of sites relevant to yours. Check the keywords and the promotional campaigns used by these companies.

There are various online courses available such as keywordcourse.com to get a detailed knowledge about keyword research. However, if you have time constraints, you can also call Medialinkers SEO agency to help you in your keyword research for 2016.

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Nontechnical people don’t understand the technical SEO. A lot of programmers when starting out didn’t know the actual difference between the client and the server side, the HTML & CSS and even coding when starting the careers.  However, with SEO is becoming a necessity for the web industry, you need to learn it so that you know what you are dealing with. Fixing even the smallest of the technical issues has got more benefits than the best links which you’ve built.


Fixing the smallest technical issues leads to more benefits than building the greatest of links. Even though you are not able to personally fix such issues, knowing what you have to look for and the way you have to fix it with a developer on the back for its implementation is quite critical. This means that for all the nontechnical people, some of the basics you require & need to look out for with the technical SEO are as follows:


Status Codes and Redirects

Whenever a page is accessed, the page would send a response to the web server saying that it’s happening.  There are a lot of status codes and according to Moz’s, “the response codes explained with a picture: do a great job of explaining each of them.


The Basic Codes:

200: The Page loads just fine.

301: The information was relocated permanently over here.

302: the information is temporarily shifted there.

404: This page doesn’t exist.

What do you need to Use?

Through a tool known as the screaming frog, you can put an entire list of URLs to know about the status code associated with each. Make sure that you are not missing out on any links.


What do you need to keep in mind?

You need to make sure that the front and the back end match. In case, you are permanently redirecting the status code, it has to be either a 301 or a 302. If not, then you are just passing a value from the Page A to Page B, and this way Page B would never rank. Also, you don’t redirect everything back to the home page.  It must be done on a 1 to 1 basis.


In case the page doesn’t exist, your site must show up a 404 instead of 200 redirects. This is known as the soft 404 and this creates confusing signals between the web server and Google.


Canonical Tags Are Very Useful

In the source code of Page A, if you have a <link rel=”canonical” href=http://www.example.com/page-b>, this would mean that you are on Page A but the content is best located at Page B.


When Do You Need to Use it?

You need to duplicate or near duplicate, such as:


The home page URLs (www.example.com and www.example.com/default.aspx)

Duplicating paths to the same page (www.example.com/news/page-a and www.example.com/press/page-a)


What you need to keep in mind is that canonical page is the end all of be all. In case you want the page indexed by the search engines, you need to include in the internal linking structure. In the example stated above, the crawlers and the users need to get to Page A, but Page B gets all the action.


URLs are not case sensitive

Looks Like

These links (http://www.example.com/angry-erin-attacks and http://www.example.com/Angry-Erin-Attacks are same).


What does this mean?

Hey, Google, I know you think you’re on two different URLs, but it’s really just the same content.

This is the same content and these are not two different URLs.

What to Do?

The developers need to implement a site-wide canonical targeting the uppercase URLs to the lowercase counterpoints. This is how you can easily fix the duplicate content and then the users don’t have to go through an interrupted experience.

What has to be kept in mind?

If you like lowercase letters, you can keep all the URLs lowercase, when typing into a search bar. Also, this would make it cleaner. You can also use the 301 redirect, but it is better if you limit the redirects for keeping things simple.


The URL Parameters



Whenever a ? Appears, it marks the start of the URL parameters.


A lot of parameters offer more information about whatever is going on the page, making the content to change, such as signifying a specific color size and an eCommerce site. The parameters don’t change the content at all and are only used for tracking the different purposes, similar to saying what the referral came from and the print version of the page.


For example http://searchenginewatch.com/article/2299970/Securing-the-Future-of-SEO-Global-Brands-5-Not-Provided-Solutions?utm_content=buffera3518&utm_source=buffer&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Buffer


The parameters are only telling how many users are going to the article from twitter, but after removing everything after? The link would present the same information which can cause duplicates issues.


A lot of eCommerce sites use parameters for showing different product colors, but when the parameters are removed, just one color is shown; this is why you need to be quite careful in dealing with this issue.




What do you need to do?

The URL parameters cause duplicate content most of the time, this is why, and you need to keep an eye out on what is necessary for the page content and what Google can ignore. In the webmaster tools of Google, you need to tell Google how you can read the parameters and you must implement some canonicals too.



Even with a basic understanding of what to look for in technical SEO can get you far. So many people today focus too heavily on off-page SEO, but if a site is technically flawed, it won’t matter how many links you have or how good your content is.


With a basic understanding of what you need to consider for in the technical SEO, you can get quite far ahead. There are a lot of people who are focusing on the off-page side of SEO, but if it’s technically flawed, it won’t rank and built authority even with a lot of blogs and great backlinks.


For more info feel free to contact of professional SEO experts of Medialinkers Company.

Medialinkers Panda recovery tips
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Thousands of penalties are charged by Google every month and just as you have imagined, these penalties have a large impact on your site.  However, regardless of how nasty these penalties are, you can still recover from your site if you choose a thorough penalty recovery method.

The first couple of hours post is very critical. Even though a penalty is scary, you don’t have to do something rash for jeopardizing the entire process, so rather than rushing into a recovery mode, you require a solid foundation instead of jumping to a hasty action.

What do you need to do?


Don’t Go into a Panic Mode


It sounds surprising, I know, but you need facts to act on.


You Have Time


You have plenty of time for the recovery and must under no circumstances rush at all. If you act too soon, then the manual penalty which your site has received may as would take longer than necessary.


Not All the Time


The term “manual penalties” is handled by real people, instead of Google bots. This means there are special people who are reviewing your work to assign a penalty to you accordingly. They have got a complete record when the penalty was put in place and what its status is. However, if you respond in a rush to the penalties, then you would probably receive an automatic response “denied”, as its very unlikely that you complete the entire checklist for lifting the penalty in a short time.


So instead of assuming the link analysis work, disavow file creation, removal requests, Google would only think the opposite, which you are trying to get out of penalty without going through any hard work.


Also, your site is in the red list of the penalized sites which Google starts monitoring closely. The manual penalty takes a lot of recovery time, for a site, from a few weeks to a few months. This means that if you try to get a reconsideration request within a day or two, you would do more harm than good. This is why; act wisely by spending time without getting into a panic mode.


Lifting the Penalty


Lifting your site and work out of a penalty is possible. You just have to play your cards right. It can also work for you even if you are not an SEO genius. With the help of some time and some SEO knowledge, you can get the work done without hiring any expensive agency. Penalties are part of SEO’s life. But this doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world for that particular site. They can easily be lifted.


Penalties Can Expire


In case, you don’t do anything, your penalty might expire. This is because there are no hard and fast rules on the issue. However, this is not a recommended solution. You have the possibility that penalty would vanish after some time, but it doesn’t mean that site there and do nothing.


Find Out Exactly Why You Received the Penalty?


Google penalizes sites for some reason. In case, you get to the root cause of the penalty, you can step closer to getting it repealed. In case, you ignore this step, you would sabotage the efforts.


This means that as a goal, you need to find out what Google says about your manual penalty. Also, as the manual penalties are inflicted by actual people, you have to find out why you received it and what message you have received regarding it from the Google spam team.


Luckily for you, Google has 11 types of Manual Action Penalties:


  1. Unnatural Linking to Your Site
  2. User-generated spam
  3. Spammy structured markup
  4. Hacked Site
  5. Cloaking and/or sneaky redirects
  6. Thin content with little or no added value
  7. Pure spam
  8. Spammy free hosts
  9. Unnatural links to your site
  10. Unnatural links from your site
  11. Hidden text and/or keyword stuffing

The most common penalties include unnatural links to your site, thin content with little to no value and unnatural link to your site.


What do these penalties mean for you?


Unnatural Links to Your Site


This penalty means a partial penalty. Just your site’s portion is under a penalty. Even though, it is a manual penalty, you still need to do the hard work for getting the links removed.


Unnatural Site Links


This is the type of penalty which affects the website completely. Google assumes that you are engaged in a black hat SEO. This means that you are being charged with a full penalty that would diminish your rankings and your traffic. You can handle both the penalties, in the same way, through removal, analysis, and disavowal. However, the effort and time you pour into a particular penalty would vary based on the different severity levels.


Read Google’s Message Carefully


Google would send you a complete message notifying you why you got a certain penalty in its penalty report. This means that the short links are of no value to the ongoing link removal efforts. In the different client cases, the analysis by Google is accurate.


You need to look into Google’s message carefully and then make a strategy according to it for getting your site penalty free.


Downloading the Links


As link penalties are the most common type of penalties, the blog discusses those here. For lifting the link penalty, you need to analyze your backlinks. You have different reporting tools such as Majestic SEO, ahrefs, and Moz for getting an in-depth view of your linking profile. Every tool has its differences, but you can use each of these tools for a different purpose, or you can download the data from all these tools to sort out the duplicate links and then take an action from there.




After, you have the links in the file, you can go through them to analyze if those were spam, low quality or irrelevant links to your site. You can disavow the links, but first review everything in detail. Always remember that starting out in a right way is the right way for doing everything right. For more assistance and help, you can hire a professional agency such as Medialinkers. Read the Medialinkers Reviews to find what the clients are saying about it.

Medialinkers Penguin update
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If you are in the SEO industry, then you must have heard of famous Google Update, “Penguin.” What Google Penguin does is that it removes the sites from the search results which are trying to game the search engine by using black or gray hat link building methods. The algorithm attributes a negative value to the specific links which mean that if you have certain back links for boosting a few of your WebPages, then your ranking for those pages would become lower, instead of getting higher over time.


However, the owner can predict where the site is headed before it is penalized by Penguin update. Google penguin has a lot of sites which have bought unnatural links from link networks and the private blog networks.


Solution of Google Penguin

If you are among those webmasters, who have been hit by Google Penguin, then you need to audit your site now. You can make a list of the links that have to be either removed or disavowed. You can disavow links using the Google’s own Disavow tool. It would allow you to upload a file with the specific URLs and domains and that’s it.


Negative SEO and Google Penguin

There is another nasty side of Penguin, which Google hasn’t addressed so far. A lot of websites which seemed to be doing well were hit by the search engine when penalized by the penguin has bad links which they didn’t create. Those links were created by their competitors on purpose to make them lose their rankings. Even though this is not easily done, but by buying unnatural poor links, you have a chance to having your competitor hit hard by the penguin update.


This means that you need to a continuous eye on the links that are being built against your site. Fortunately, there are a number of tools such as LinkResearchTools and Kerboo which you can use for monitoring your website’s backlinks.


Google Penguin Transforming into a Real Time Algorithm

Google has announced that its latest penguin update would be real time, but its evidence has not been seen so far. If this really happens, it would make negative SEO more dangerous than ever.



In short, for avoiding a Google Penguin penalty, you need to avoid buying links and linking from low-quality sites which are otherwise known as link farms. Links have to be earned through a good PR, nice content marketing strategy and products etc. In short, the more valuable your site is, the more easily, it is going to be ranked higher in the search engines, as such sites earn links on their own through high-quality content, services and products.  For more assistance, you can get in touch with the digital marketing team of Medialinkers, a SEO Services provider firm located in Kennesaw.