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6 Hot Trends of Graphic and Web Design For 2016
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Trends in the design industry are always changing. They either improve or fade out similar to the clothing styles, hairstyles and other trending industries. Everything eventually evolves. Many of the design trends of 2016 were introduced in 2015, while many others returned with an improved version. You need to master these trends if you are working in the design industry. Here are the hot trends of graphic and web design for 2016:


1.  It’s all Getting Flat Again

Well, flat design has been on an upward and downward trend ever since its introduction. The trend is back with a bang this year yet again, replacing the skeuomorphic design trends of the past years. Flat design is simple, classic and focuses on the practicality of a design. Switch to flat design if you have not already!

2. Videos & Animations

Videos and Animations have replaced majority of the slider sections in websites. Not only do the animations and videos look beautiful from design perspective but are also among the major marketing trends for this year. You need to incorporate a catchy video in your website to score big this year!


3. Bold and Playful Typography

Typography continues to impact the design industry. Similar to 2015, the trend will continue. But this year, you will experience a lot of fancy scripts and complex scripts. Typography needs to reflect the overall theme of a design and an out of date font can make the entire theme look unprofessional. Make sure the typography you use across your print or web designs reflect the true nature of business.


4. Add Some Illustrations

Though formal images and photography are the most popularly used elements across the web, the trend is also switching towards artistic side. Many business brands are using illustrations in the form of vectors to get the message across their audience.


5. Hamburger Menus

The concept of hamburger menu was introduced in the mobile web designs for the limited space. The trend has caught up with the desktop version of sites. Many designers are focusing on the beauty of design without worrying about adjusting the menu. Achieving sleek and stylish look with hamburger menu has become easy.


6. Natural Photography Over Stock Pictures

Stock pictures still used on a number of websites today is slowly getting replaced with images depicting natural environments.  As a designer, you need to reduce the use of images and focus more on adding the glitz and jazz for a natural focus. Photographing real things will help you achieve just the appearance you are looking for!

You can let us know about the trends you think we have missed for this year.

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