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Some people are blessed with good idea while others aren’t. It is just the matter of your brain activity. You can increase your creative skills to design quality websites and other stuff by practising a few easy to implement activities. Medialinkers graphic design team suggests indulging into the following activities:


Take a Walk

Walking increases creative skills by 60%, as per a Stanford University study. Whether you walk indoors or outside, it will stimulate the creative matter of your brain to produce quality designs.


Go for a Run

Similar to walking, going for a jog or running a few miles has the potential to enhance your creative skills. Buckle up and start running.


Focus Your Thoughts through Meditation

Meditation helps in moving past the annoyances which may worry you each day. It will clarify your mind and help you direct your thoughts at one point. According to different studies, meditation helps people in becoming more imaginative.


Ask Opinion of Another Individual

Asking for the input of another person can open up new ideas and options for you. Moreover, they will help you look at the problem with fresh eyes to focus on the details that you may be missing out on.



A lot of artists keep notepads beside their beds so that then can note down the ideas just when it hits them. Sit in a comfortable place and let your mind wander to hit some inspiration.


Start Writing Something

According to science, writing helps to stimulate the visual parts of a brain. This is because you picturize the scenes when writing which is why doing some search will jumpstart your artistic skills.


Focus on Blue or Green Color

Blue and Green color tones are an excellent way for enhancing the creative skills. A research found blue color to generate twice as many ideas for people than they otherwise developed looking at red.


Sitting Next to a Box

Sitting next to box will make you think outside the box. This may sound strange but is infact true.



People who talk with hands find it natural to gesticulate. Using both hands helps in shaping up new ideas.

Kennesaw SEO
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SEO rules are always changing which makes it important for the marketers to stay on top of their SEO marketing campaign. SEO is a technique which makes people search for your site. This means that you need to implement the changes accordingly to not fall short of users and Google expectations. Medialinkers SEO Services shares a few tips to help SEOs in managing their work better.

  1. Not All Viral Content Helps

Since content is an important part of any digital marketing campaign, millions of content pieces are published on a daily basis. To make your content stand out, you need to create incredibly rare content. Even though you don’t know what will capture the attention of users, you still need to focus on creating something unique and rare to make it go viral.

However, you also need to understand that not every business requires creation of a viral content. For example, brick and mortar business needs the right advertising type to boost and establish a business for users. For local brick and mortar business, chasing viral content is only waste of time and money. So in short, you need the right type of advertising to make things successful instead of just viral content.

  1. Stay Away From Bad SEO

Methods which once skipped Google’s eye now work against a site and fall under the category of spam work. The good news however is that the Google rules have not changed since day 1. Google always wanted site owners to keep users happy and this is exactly what the strategy is about still today. If your site delivers informative unique content, links to other authority sites and is compatible against the latest technologies such as mobile web then you are going to be rewarded in the search rankings.

  1. Stay Away From Duplicate Content

Considering how Google has tightened its noose around the duplicate content, you need to stay away from it. However, to make sure if another site copies your blog post you don’t get penalized by it. To avoid this, you can implement canonical tags when republishing content on a site. It will not harm your site, but you still need to track the sites using content without your permission due to the copyright issues.

  1. Incoming Links do not always help SEO

Incoming site links are a great way to boost rankings in the search engines, but not all sites help the cause. For example, sites having some sort of authority issues do not contribute towards the growth of rankings. Irrelevant sites and questionable domains hurt search engine rankings. Instead of quantity, only focus on quality.

  1. Go For Relevancy

SEO these days is all about relevancy. The HTML tags, image descriptions, sub headers, titles and all the other page attributes need to be related to a website’s purpose or the page.

  1. Doing it Yourself SEO

Automation can help manage a lot of SEO tasks. Whatever, information about website traffic and customers can be read with data processing software for a beginner to understand the game? To be on the clear side, anyone with some experience about the latest trends will know how to fix issues.

There is a learning curve regarding the SEO work, but you can still hire resources to manage the SEO needs. You just need to use tools to automate some work where you can.

  1. Responsive Web Design and Mobile Friendly

Everyone today in a restaurant, library, doctor’s office or a baseball game is focused on their Smartphone, instead of talking to people around them. This means that your site needs to be responsive and mobile friendly too to cater to the ever increasing mobile users’ percentage.

Sites which are not responsive or mobile friendly do not show up in the mobile search results and are a major factor behind potential business lost. In fact, mobile searches form majority of local SEO work. When targeting locally, you need to dominate the mobile SERPs. So instead of ignoring the mobile platform, hire a professional agency as Kennesaw web design to convert your site into a fully responsive site, making it mobile friendly for your requirements.