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Everyone knows that mobile search has taken off and it would only continue to increase in the coming years. Everyone who likes to keep himself up to date with the technology news knows that the number of mobile users has taken over the desktop users.

This means that people now days are browsing the internet on their mobiles for reading, shopping and socializing, which is why, it has become extremely important to pay attention to the website mobile designs.

  1. Minimalist Designs are a Key

The key for a successful mobile design is to target the simplicity. You can go for the usefulness and practicality of any major company in your design. Always remember that your design is viewable on a mobile screen, which is much smaller compared to the desktop screen. Also, it’s understandable to not target the complex designs, which makes minimalism your best deal.

The minimal design also helps users to navigate your site easily. No one likes to scroll through a cluttered interface on their Android or iPhone devices. This is why; they must be able to find what they are looking for on a site in a quick way, improving the user experience.

In a minimalist design, make sure that the buttons and the menus are intuitive, and in line with the simplicity of your design.

Just check the images of minimalist design by MediaLinkers



  1. Make Your Design to Look the Same across Other Devices

Even though you are designing for the mobile, you need to know that not all the mobile devices are built equally. This point is the key to designing the successful UX designs, which most of the designers forget about when designing for the different mobile devices. As a matter of fact, you need to understand the mobile behavior or the users along with the devices that your users prefer to use. As an example, you need to know that the Android and iPhone users would interact differently with our website which is why you should keep this point in mind while designing it.

According to a research, the iPhone users spend more time on the eCommerce sites than the Android users. This means that if you are designing an eCommerce app, you would want to rely heavily on making a top design for iOS than you would have to for Android, as iOS provides better money making potential for the eCommerce businesses.

  1. Make a Familiar and Clean Navigation

Even though people use mobiles more than the desktops for the searches, that doesn’t mean that your website design for the mobile is completely different from what it is for the desktops. In fact, most of the people are expecting the major components such as navigation, header etc. to be similar on the mobile devices, which is why, you need to ensure that the client’s site replicates the navigation standards of the desktop site along with a great UX.

  1. Provide a Convenient Checkout Process

This is the most important feature of any eCommerce mobile design. An overly complex checkout process will only make the users turn away from your site, even if the entire site layout is extremely minimal and simple to navigate through.

Make sure the checkout process and the call to action buttons are according to the shopper’s expectations. Pay attention to their size so that they are easy to tap on after the order is placed.

Check example of a user-friendly checkout process below:



  1. Mobile Designing is completely different from the desktop designing

Designing for a mobile is a different concept than it is when it comes to designing for the desktop. Even though there are a few similarities, but you still want to keep the mobile design closer to the conventions of desktop browsing considering the exceptions that come along with it.


The minimalist designs are a golden rule for the mobile designs. Also, a research must be done in understanding the user behavior across the different mobile platforms, iOS and Android in particular. Last but not the least; make sure to provide a simple checkout process which provides an easy shopping experience for the shoppers.


Make sure to follow these simple mobile design tips to have your clients leave your site in a happy mood! For more information on the mobile designs, feel free to talk to our web designers at Medialinkers.

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You must have heard about the retina ready designs if you are working in the web design or a similar field for some time. However, have you ever wondered what the retina ready designs really are? Well, allow me to provide you with some history first.


The first major company to introduce the standard retina screens on different devices was Apple. All its latest MacBook Pro computers are launched with a retina monitor, in addition to a lot of iOS devices. As the consumer market for Apple continues to grow, it becomes essential for the designers to keep up with the changes.


This blog post covers the ideas regarding the retina displays in addition to their purpose. Also, you need to notice that building a native android or iOS app is simpler than a retina-ready website. It would take a lot of practice if you are not familiar with the retina design, but at the same time, it’s worth all the effort when your design comes looking spectacular across all the monitor resolutions.


Retina Design Basics


Talking about the screen density, the units attempt to compare the physical inches with the digital pixels.  A pixel per Inch is the common unit of measurement, as it changes for every device. The regular density screens also have a number of pixels, available in a 1×1 inch block.


This amount has a chance of getting doubled in a retina display. What Apple does is that it packs a number of digital pixels in the same physical screen. Also, the technology is dense enough for the readability of the human eye, which means that the individual pixels don’t appear to it.




The scalable page objects such as CSS containers, text, and the SVG graphics naturally adapt to the double resolution. The fixed-width and Bitmap images remain static, spreading the pixels evenly at the same time. The main focus for designing the retina ready designs is to build most of the website content using flexible content. The images should also be Scalable, when possible. You can also provide duplicate images for both the resolutions.


Given below are some tips which you can use for coding the retina ready designs in HTML/CSS.


Replacing Icons with Fonts


All those designs that are familiar with the CSS3 are familiar with the custom fonts. For using the custom fonts, you just have to include a remote or a local link to the font files, so it becomes accessible within the CSS. In addition to the numbers and the letters, there is always the option to use the icon-based fonts.


This would work better than using vector icons or compared to the double set of each image for its creation. The font icons scale up naturally on the screen size. Use percents or ems for units to ensure that the font stays at an appropriate size for the screen resolution.  Also, this way, you would be able to write the icons in the HTML code without having to reference the HTTP request to an image file.


The downside to this technique, however, is that you wouldn’t be able to use shiny icons or the other detailed graphic styles. The icons would only appear as a font, with a few text effects and one color.


However, if you are looking for a nice collection of fonts, you can browse the directory “We Love Fonts.” There are a lot of designers who host their files on Github so you would have to search on your own to find some cool looking set of fonts for your projects.


Using SVGs

The SVGs are built for logos and the icons that are to be scaled for various resolutions. However, the graphics don’t require support for a natural display in a web browser, till they started supporting SVGs. The scalable vector graphics are those that define the data points in key-value syntax.

The graphics are there to include the data for the display of curves, colors, shadows, line segments, and the other typical features. The older browsers also don’t support the graphics with page renders; however, you can always use scripts such as SVGeezy for handling the fallback methods.

Designing a full graphic will likely use a vector design suite, along with some reading. This means that you need a skilled designer for getting the design work done, or as a way, you can search around for the open source freebies to play and download with.


The CSS3 Retina Background Images


The most common solution for using the retina replacement graphics is to use either the CSS3 media queries or the JavaScript libraries. CSS3 is not supported in the old browser versions, whereas JavaScript is disabled by anyone. But, you can make both of the languages work for you, depending how you use them for coding the websites.

You can also replace the images with CSS3 for following the media queries premise, in order to check when a user is on the retina screen. You can have the image replaced with a background URL setting, displaying only for the retina users.

You can check every screen device for the min-device-pixel-ratio value to return something. The modern browsers supporting CSS3 would react quickly and it would seem instantaneous to the visitors.

Talking of the Media queries, these are built on the newer CSS3 specifications. These are very popular and are gaining a lot of attention among the designers who are yet to try out these methods. You can find the solutions on Stack Overflow when practicing and running into the coding problems.


Implementing JavaScript


As not all the browsers support the CSS3 effects, it’s recommend using the JavaScript solutions where necessary. Also, the tablets and the Smartphones come enabled with the JS support.

There are two libraries which are worth checking out, one is Foresight.js and the other is the Retina.js. The Foresight.js helps to detect if the device is retina display or not, pulling the correct image based on the settings.

Retina.js, on the other hand, is an open source J Query plugin, which helps to perform similar tasks. It’s a simple script and also very easy to work with.




The tips mentioned above can help in building the retina-ready website layouts. However, planning your design is the key to the entire process. The coding comes later on as well as the responsive layout style. This is why, it’s best for you to plan the methods for handling the average retina displays.  For more details, you can always contact our professional web designers at Medialinkers to provide you with 100% complete and functional retina ready websites.

Medialinkers infographic
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There are countless new videos, blogs and articles that are uploaded on the internet every day. Most of the content that is put on the web become obscure, however, there are few which go viral. The one which goes viral over the internet grabs the attention of hundreds and thousands of people, and remain active for weeks and even longer than that. This means that if you are to reach a large audience, whether for the promotion of a personal cause or a corporate marketing campaign, or you simply want to show the world as to how amazing you are, you need to take a few steps for making your content go viral online.


Another trick is to reach a massive audience for creating a variety of articles, such as for the promotion of public service relations, you can write on topics such as how to write an article, how to come up with the attractive article titles, finding the right format, the word count and where to distribute the articles etc.  These are all ways through which you can grab user’s attention. For more tips, read the infographic posted below so that you can go through all the tips and tricks for making your content go viral at the same time.


This info-graphic has been developed by Medialinkers a Kennesaw web Design company.



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There is good news for the internet marketers, as Google has just included access to the ad program’s home services in the AdWords Express. This ad program has been launched in the beta version in San Francisco area last month for giving an additional functionality to the service providers as they are able to connect with the local residents without having to search for any assistance. Also, it has been started by the plumbers and locksmiths, but now it includes services for the handymen and house cleaners.


For getting started, all you need to do is to fill the contact information form, and the business URL. After, this, Google would screen the application and do a background check using a third party. When approved, Google is going to organize the information which you would give it to offer a polished profile page.


As the advertisers and marketers manage the bids through the AdWords express program, there are listings included in the ad block, of the SERP at its top, for the local user to do a search for the services related to handymen, cleaning, locksmith and plumbing.   This way, the users are provided the business details directly to contact them on their own without contacting anyone else.


For setting your Adwords campaign, it’s always recommended that you hire a search marketing company such as Medialinkers, Web Design Company in Kennesaw to manage all the details from point A to point B.

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A lot of people in the SEO world think that link building is dead, but it’s really not. In fact, sound link building always helps a site pushing it higher in the search results. However, the process of link building is always changing which means that you need to continuously upgrade, yourself when it comes to link building, as the ways to build links have not only changed but have also become tougher.

This makes it important for everyone to continuously learn everything, as it continues to change as this would only make you a better SEO in the future.


Why Learning Matters?


Even though building a link doesn’t consume a lot of time, but obtaining high-quality links which are relevant becomes tedious as you would have to first create content which you can put on someone’s site, use social media for building new relationships and doing all the other activities which help in the building of links. A lot of people who have done link building would tell you the high burnout rate that comes to link building, and this makes it very tough to be on top of your game when building links. This is why; you need to continue to learn as many things as possible, so things become easy for you to manage and grow in the long run.


Work as a Team through Brainstorming


One of the best ways to work together as a team is through the way of brainstorming.  A lot of good questions and suggestions are put forward through brainstorming and this is how you can find new ways of handling the clients’ work, which you may not explore all by yourself. Brainstorming also helps with people who are introverts.


Work With Tools


There are a lot of Tools for managing the SEO campaigns, and every now and then, you can continue to learn and experiment with a new tool in your free time.


Learning Resources


There are a lot of materials available for everyone to learn the art of link building. Even if you are experienced and know all the ins and outs of the link building process, you can still freshen up your knowledge regarding it. As a starter, you can start with the following list:


  • Majestic: https://blog.majestic.com/
  • SEMrush: http://www.semrush.com/blog/
  • Moz: https://moz.com/blog
  • Kerboo: https://kerboo.com/blog/
  • Ahrefs: https://blog.ahrefs.com/
  • Raven: http://blog.raventools.com/
  • SpyFu: http://resources.spyfu.com/blog/
  • URL Profiler: http://urlprofiler.com/blog/


Read Informative Stuff While Working


When you come across an informative article regarding SEO or link building, you need to read it while working, instead of saving it for a read to be done later at home. Even as the owner of your business, you need to make sure that the time is given to your employees for learning as you have hired them to do the right work and right work in the field of SEO is done only when the knowledge is up to date regarding all the important aspects of SEO. Just spending a little bit of time in learning new stuff each day would pay off your projects and the entire team.


Always Welcome Questions


The best thing which you can do if you are the manager of your team is to welcome questions asked by your team members. Team members and starters always ask questions, in fact, everyone who is learning to ask questions while learning. So instead of ignoring those questions regardless of how small or silly they are, you need to make them feel welcome, so that the process of learning continues and so does your project work in the right direction. A hostile environment only makes the people do wrong work, as when they are afraid that they would be ridiculed when asking questions, they would back away. Also, when anyone asks a question, share it with the entire team, so that everyone gets to know about it and even in case they already know it, they would be reminded about it.


Learn when you are an employee


In case, you are an employee working alone in a company, you can keep up with the changes through social media, famous blogs. In fact, you can set up a routine to do one activity every day, like spending an hour and a half for reading the blog posts and checking social media, twitter for example, to keep an eye on the trending topics.


The important point here is to continue to learn, which means you have no room to become idle at your job. The more you learn and are active in your field, the better would be the results in your field and the higher would the chances of your career growth. Also, learning would break the monotonous routine of work, by adding some new piece of information to your mind each day.


In case, you want to outsource your SEO work, you can hire the professionals of Atlanta SEO Company Medialinkers to do the work for you.