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Wordpress image by medialinkers
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4 in one website are powered by WordPress. This means that 25% of the web today uses WP. This latest information has come online from the W3Techs, which measures the usage and market share. Today, WP is actively used by 58.7% of the websites, whose content management systems we know about.  This makes it 25.0% of all the available websites. Even though the numbers fluctuate over a period of months, this trend has only grown even though at a slow rate for WP.


This number would be well passed 25% by the year’s end. The opportunity lies in the 57% of the websites which don’t use the identifiable CMs as yet. However, it lays foundations of more than half of the market share but the growth rate is still quite impressive. This means that as WP continues to gain the primary position, it would be targeted by various attackers and would continuously face the security issues through its lifetime. For solving this, you would have to update your WordPress to the latest available version.


W3Techs use different methods for providing the above numbers. The w3Techs doesn’t scan the entire website. For limiting the impact of the domain spammers, the top 10 Million sites are investigated depending on the popularity of the rankings offered by Alexa, using a 3-month average ranking.


The W3Techs excludes the subdomains and redirects the domains so that it isn’t counted. WP powers 25 percent of the top 10 million sites, and these effectively represent the entire platform. If you are looking to develop a WordPress site, then all you have to do is to contact the WordPress team at Medialinkers. Medialinkers has served a large number of clients through its web design and WordPress Services, and you can read the Medialinkers client reviews here.