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Understanding SEO Basics in Simple Terms
SEO Basics
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Search engine optimization is a complicated process to understand for newbie internet marketers. However, this article covers the basic terms in layman language to help you clear your concepts. SEO is crucial to marketing your business online and increasing its traffic in the long run.


Given below are three significant aspects of SEO, shared by Medialinkers SEO team.




Backlinks are simply urls pointing to your site from other relevant and authoritative sites to boost its credibility in the search engines. High quality backlinks are considered as votes of confidence among search engines and is really one of the most crucial aspects of making an entire SEO campaign successful.


Conversion Optimization


Any Search engine optimizer can drive multiple traffic to a site, however if that traffic is irrelevant or not converting than it would not do much good to your business. The goal of a site is to make users take some action such as vote on a picture, purchase a widget and fill a form. This is similar to having a billboard showing your products and services, as people can drive past it all day. But having all that traffic won’t matter if the users are not paying attention and converting to sales.


Schema Markup


Similar to writing high school and college essays that require different formats such as MLA and quotation practices among others, a coding a site too needs to follow valid steps. This is called Schema markup. A well written schema markup helps the search engines to read a website and alternatively push its rankings for more traffic and users.


SEO is similar to conventional marketing these days instead of tricking the search engines as was done in the past. Just like television advertisements and print advertisements are all about grabbing user attention by putting the best design and ad copy, it also depends on these two offers a great user experience. Remember that SEO today is all about pleasing the users. If you please your users, search engines will automatically give credit to your site to push it upwards in the rankings.