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WordPress 4.6 Doesn’t Feature REST API
WordPress 4.6 Doesn’t Feature REST API
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WordPress 4.6 Doesn’t Feature REST API

REST API 2.0 announced this morning features content disposition header parsing in addition to making use of compact links for embedded replies. It is available for a download here on Github. Full changes made to the API can be checked here. According to the REST API team, it will not be combined with WP 4.6.

The team says that 2.0 version will be released later in a few months from now and will guarantee backwards compatibility. It will help users to work without requiring any major upgrades.

The software was held in the beta version by the team for a long period to make sure if the breaking changes could be made to move forward.   Majority of these breaks occurred at the beginning of the version 2.0 lifestyle with a stable API at this point. For the merge core, the team decided to submit a merger proposal for 4.6 but wanted to move forward with 4.7

We also believe that the main WP objects are not essential to get the support for the proposal. REST API team is hoping to entice things for the developers with release of 2.0.  The merger of REST API in core WP depends on the number of developers joining their team.

Stay tuned for more details to Medialinkers web design blog.