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WordPress vs. Google Blogger: Which Platform to Choose?
WordPress vs. Google Blogger: Which Platform to Choose?
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Finding a right CMS is a tough process. You may have heard about WP, if you have interest in blogging. You may also have heard about Google Blogger, another popular blogging choice.  If you are a newbie blogger, choosing the right platform will help you in saving a lot of time and work. It is crucial to finding the pros and cons of every option to understand why business flourishes with an option, whereas the others are better off going to the opposite direction. You have to understand the key difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org to select the right blogging platform.  Kennesaw web Development company presents the comparison between the two platforms below:


WordPress.com & WordPress.org

WordPress.com is the free version of WP. It offers limited number of themes and plug-ins which means it is not a good option for serious bloggers or the people looking to grow business online. At the same time, WordPress.com is free and not a bad choice for bloggers starting afresh. It also has a wider audience giving your blog access to a wide network which you may not have otherwise.

WordPress.org is a self-hosted medium, which gives you control over site information to create your own domain name. It provides more options as it comes with a bit of fee.  However, you get access to premium themes and plugins to design and develop a site, the way you want.

Google Blogger is another free choice available to bloggers. However, all the information presented on a site is owned by Google. Like WordPress.com, it has its negatives and positives.  WordPress has its similarities with Google Blogger. When it comes to deciding between Google Blogger and some other choices, bloggers always stick to WordPress.org.


Benefits of WordPress.org

By hosting a site on WordPress.org, you are the owner of all your site and data details. This makes you decide what information is shared and when a site is shutdown. You also get access to thousands of plugins allowing you to add to a site. There are many layout options available which can be customized easily for a blog. It is also easy to move a site to another hosting option and to change a domain name without losing the important information. WP has an active community and a support system. You can fix the issues by searching on Google.


Benefits of Google Blogger

Google Blogger is free and does not include any hidden charges. The backup system is Google itself and is responsible for all the security and maintenance. You are also not responsible for your site’s security. Blogger is easy and simple to use compared to WordPress.


Drawbacks of WordPress.org

You are responsible for site security and backups. It requires money for maintenance and hosting.


Drawbacks of Google Blogger

Blogger has limited functionality and themes. It is also quite difficult to move a blog from Google to another location, which will likely lose your SEO, you may have worked very hard to achieve. There is also limited technology and support available for blogger platform.

You also do not own a site, which means that Google can close it down anytime. They can also close down the entire Google Blogger platform as they have shutdown many of their applications despite their success and popularity. Comparing the benefits and drawbacks of both mediums, you can say that WordPress is a better choice for bloggers.


Bottom Line

When starting out, you can either go with WordPress.com or Google Blogger, as both options are free and have many resources suited to the newbies. But for the long term goals, choose a self-hosted WordPress.org site. You can find a hosting for $12 a year making WordPress.org an extremely affordable option. This is also a reason why 25% of the users stick with WordPress.


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